Christmas In March [BLOG]

By: Bill McAllister

Like most kids, for me, Christmas was the greatest day of the year. I’ve mentioned many times on the air that I would usually get the lesser known and cheaper version of a popular toy. For instance, lots of kids had Big Wheels, I had the more frugal Vrooom! Maybe you remember the electronic memory game Simon, don’t be jealous, we had Simon’s bastard cousin, called Match Me. And what young boy didn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to find a brand new G.I. Joe? Well, I did but had to settle for Johnny West…who?

But at the age of nine my parents redeemed themselves, sort of, by getting me Big Jim’s Rescue Rig. It was awesome! It came with a walkie-talkie, tools, ladders, everything you would need to complete a rescue mission. But alas, try fitting Johnny West into the Big Rig. That’s right, Big Jim’s Rescue Rig but no Big Jim action figure.

But thanks to listener and toy collector Jack, along with his son-in-law Mark, I am now the proud owner of not only the Rescue Rig but an actual Big Jim action figure!

Thanks guys…and screw you, Johnny West!

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