By Vickie Thomas

DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit Police Department has a new woman in charge.

After moving up to Deputy Chief in September, Lt. Lashinda Houser has received another promotion to First Assistant Chief — which makes her second in charge under Chief James Craig.

“It’s totally a great honor,” Houser told WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas. “This is a new and incredible department, and the majority of us are very excited.”

Being in his post for only eight months himself, Chief Craig said the process of picking a new number two wasn’t an easy one.

“When I came in here, one of the challenges I had is trying to get to know who’s who,” Craig said. “I get fed a lot of information, and I’ve been able to do a real what I call, a deep tissue assessment, on the people on this team.”

Craig says Houser has excelled in so many dimensions of her position, which made her the perfect candidate.

Even as an 18-year veteran, Houser admits the promotions have been an adjustment.

“Chief Craig promoted me to deputy chief from inspector and that was certainly a huge jump,” Houser said. “It was almost like a double promotion; so this assignment just like every new assignment — there’s a lot of nervousness.”

Houser said the plan is to focus on the task at hand, with the full support of Chief Craig and her department behind her.

“She’s one of the best of the best,” Craig said. “She’s amazing, highly talented and committed to the city of Detroit.”


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