By: Evan Jankens

In one short day I will be in the most perfect place on earth — Las Vegas. I am traveling with the Valenti and Foster show to broadcast from The D Las Vegas. You know what that means? Nothing but basketball games will be surrounding me. The only thing that really could make it better is to have naked ladies swarmed around me. I know that can’t happen, but I sure can dream.

I’m not sure if POTUS feels the same way, but there is one thing I’m sure we agree on — Michigan State.

Today POTUS did his annual NCAA bracket, and if I didn’t already know it, here’s confirmation that he is a smart, smart man. President Obama picked Michigan State to win the entire tournament and be the 2014 National Champions!

In 2009 the president picked North Carolina to win it all here in Detroit, which they did over Michigan State.

For my sake I hope POTUS is correct! Go Green!


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