DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police say they’ll stand behind residents who use deadly force, if necessary, to defend their homes.

Those comments come after a 50-year-old Detroit homeowner fatally shot two alleged burglars, Tuesday morning, on Dexter near the Lodge Freeway on the city’s west side.

Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said the homeowner was at work when his house was broken into just last week; but this time he was home when he heard noises.

“It sounded like somebody was trying to break in. He then exited the rear of his home, came around the side, through the fence,” Woody said, and confronted the two gentlemen who were, in fact, trying to break into his home.”

That’s when, Woody said, a fight ensued during which the homeowner shot the two men dead in the driveway.

It was not immediately clear of the trespassers were armed or if the homeowner might face charges.

Woody said this is at least the third instance in the last month of a Detroiter firing on someone breaking into his home.

“We stand behind our citizens. We stand with them when it comes to protecting their homes, and their property, and their persons,” Woody said. “Whatever they need to do, we’re here with them. We’ve tried to warn the criminal element that we will no longer stand idly by.”

“We’re not telling everyone to run out, grab a gun, shoot first and ask questions later,” said Woody. “We’re saying good Americans, responsible Americans, who are legally in possession of a weapon and a CPL have a right to defend themselves.”

Woody said the homeowner in this case, who does have a permit for his weapon, was being questioned.

Reporting from the scene, WWJ’s Sandra McNeil said family or friends of the suspects watched in tears as the Medical Examiner prepared to take the bodies away.

No names have been released.

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