Is Detroit similar to Ukraine? A cable news network RT America airs a program called The Big Picture where an expert discussed the parallels including income inequality.

Richard Wolff Professor of Economics Emeritus, U-Mass Amherst said, “Despite the enormous differences — we’re rich Ukraine is poor and all the rest. The situation is similar. We have our Ukraines among us. We just give them different names like Detroit or Cleveland or Camden, New Jersey.”

“We have the parts that are being thrown aside and thrown to the wolves. And we’re building the same pressure here for a fundamental break with a system that is making too few people too rich and too many people unable to meet life’s basic demands. We may end up having more in common and more solidarity with the same people discovering the same truth about the Ukraine than we might imagine,” he added.

The Big Picture is hosted by political commentator and radio host Thom Hartmann on RT America, a Russian news network with bureaus in Washington DC and Houston Texas.

RT America has the second most viewership of any international TV news network — led only by the BBC.

Do you think this is a fair comparison? Take the poll and sound off in the comments.


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