By: Sara

Even at age 66, Arnold Schwarzenegger still has the skills to churn out new action movies. While on a tour to promote his latest flick, “Sabotage”, Arnold and his co-star Joe Manganiello made a stop at BET’s “106 and Park”. Somehow, hosts Bow Wow and Keshia convinced the duo to submit to the roulette wheel of dance moves. They landed on the NAE NAE and the STANKY LEGG and gamely played along. Manganiello used his “Magic Mike” training to pull it off, but Shwarzenegger? Have you ever been to a wedding where the drunk uncle stays on the dance floor a little too long? Yeah, it was like that.

My favorite part is at :36 when Ahhhnold is confused by the term “Stanky Legg” and tries to get stinky/stanky clarification.


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