ROCHESTER (WWJ) – Oakland University decided the time was right to offer the next generation of  students first hand zombie survival skills.

According to OU’s Digital PR Manager Colleen Campbell – thousands were checking out the schools new “post apocalyptic survival studies” program.

An April Fools’ Day press release from Oakland University states that beginning this fall the school will offer an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for the ultimate job: survival.

“Well, it’s an undergraduate program major in post apocalyptic survival studies and we have all the course selections listed on the website,” Campbell told WWJ’s zombie enthusiast Marie Osborne.

She said that the prank was fairly well detailed: one course is back to basics – survival type of information another one is focused on health and wellness, and the third one is for people who want to lead and rebuild society.

Six well-respected professors in fields as diverse as psychology and chemistry wrote about the program as it relates to their fields of study.

But OU student Desquira Hood wasn’t fooled says WWJ’s zombie enthusiast Marie Osborne.

“I even put on my Facebook status that I was going to major in this next year,” she laughed.

When asked, Hood said she knew it was an April Fools’ Day joke.

Would you have fallen for this? Check out the Zombie studies [HERE]


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