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7 Foot 5 Inch ‘Taco’ Fall Is A Force To Reckon With [VIDEO]

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By: Evan Jankens

I’m a 6-foot, 30-year old man who still dreams about being able to dunk and can only be jealous of a high school player.

Tacko ‘Taco’ Fall is a high school junior and 18-years-old. Taco stands between 7 foot 4 inches and 7 foot 5 inches and has a 8-foot wingspan. Taco wears a size 22 shoe, the same as Shaq, and is dominating high school, as you would assume.

According to, he played in 21 games as a junior and averaged 11.1 ppg with 5 rebounds per game. To me those numbers should be way higher but I’m sure this guy is still getting used to being that tall.

The tallest player to play in the NBA was Gheorghe Mureșan and Manute Bol.

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