By Vickie Thomas

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit’s bankruptcy proceeding have delayed Mayor Mike Duggan’s budget address before the Detroit City Council.

As WWJ City Beat Reporter Vickie Thomas reports, the city’s Chief Financial Officer, John Hill, sat in for the mayor and addressed the budget presentation delay.

“There’s a new version of the plan that will be coming out shortly, so we thought it would be … not a good idea for us to come before the Council and talk about the plan that’s public when in a few days we’d be able to talk about the new plan that’s coming out,” said Hill.

The budget is expected to mirror the Emergency Manager’s plan of adjustment:

“It’s not a nightmare, it certainly requires a lot of coordination but I’ve done this before when I was Executive Director of the Control Board in Washington, D.C. I understand the process, and I also understand the importance of the involvement with the mayor, and the council who are going to be making sure that things continue to improve over time,” he added.

“That certainly understand the fluidity and I think you could see – in there an understanding of how the process is very fluid and how the council was receptive to changing the process slightly so that we can still give them the things that they need to do their deliberations,” said Hill.

Hill told members of the Detroit City Council that the mayor would present the budget summary on May 9.


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