By: Evan Jankens

The NFL draft is fast approaching and players who weren’t lucky/good enough to partake in the NFL’s premier combine took part in the Super Regional Combine at Ford Field this past weekend.

I’m not exactly sure how many of these players will be taken in the 2014 NFL Draft, but I know one player in particular turned some heads — even his own — in what I’m sure wasn’t his finest moment.

A.J Dohanic is one of those guys who is trying to make a name for himself and get drafted in the later rounds of the draft. If he is looking to catch on as a WR he might want to think about changing positions.

Dohanic, a champion hurdler when he went to Appalachian State, hasn’t played an organized game of football since he was a senior in high school — and he took not one but two footballs off the face. While doing a jugs machine drill, where one ball is shot towards you, and as soon as you catch it your turn 180 degrees to catch the next, was knocked in the face by both balls.

I must admit this might be the funniest thing to come from the combine in Detroit. Click the link below to watch the video for yourself. It starts at the :35 second mark.

Dohanic, was able to record a 40-time in the 4.4s so he had that going for him.
Click HERE to see the video in all of it’s glory.

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