By: Evan Jankens

Leo DiCaprio may have said it best on the bow of a great big ship: “I’m king of the world.” Those five words could be the same thing Matthew Stafford is uttering today after a report from has him listed as the sixth highest athlete in the world. He’s making $31.5 million for the 2014 season.

The only athletes earning more than Stafford are Floyd Mayweather, ($73.5 million) Christiano Ronaldo, ($50.2 million) Lionel Messi, ($50.1 million) Aaron Rodgers, ($40 million) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ($35 million). 

Calvin Johnson also made the list, earning $25 million this season, which ranks him as the 16th highest paid player.

The only other Detroit athlete (well, someone who was a Detroit athlete) to make the list was Prince Fielder, who is making $24 million.


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