By: Sara

Do you value your teeth? Do you like the shape of your head? Yes? Then why would you let someone try to hit a golf ball from a tee that you are holding in your mouth? For some reason, people seem to trust John Daly to try this trick (he did it last year with a guy that was laying down in a parking lot). Daly’s latest victim is a woman named Katherine Michelle. She is best friends with John’s girlfriend and says she trusts him completely. Still, one wrong move and hot blonde Katherine would no longer be so hot. Daly did not take a practice swing, and he certainly didn’t hold back. Another friend was there to hold Katherine’s legs and keep her steady, but I am actually convinced he was in it just for the chance to cop a feel. Captain Touch-A-Butt gets his chance right at the end of the video.

Lucky for everyone, this stunt went waaaaaaaay better than the time a Playboy Playmate let a guy hit a golf ball from a tee that was resting between her butt cheeks. That girl ended up with some wicked bruising and decided to sue.

Warning video is NSFW:


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