WARREN (WWJ) – A 15-year-old high school student faces drug and weapons charges after police say he brought a 22-caliber pistol to class.

Warren Police Detective Greg Booton says the gun was found in the teen’s backpack, at Warren Woods Tower High School, along with a plastic baggie of bullets.

Booton says the teen was also carrying three baggies of pot in his pockets.

“He was in class, and he had a backpack with him, and his teacher noticed that the classroom started to smell like marijuana,” said Booton. “The teacher walked around the room and he pinpointed the smell of marijuana to this particular student.”

That’s when the boy was sent to the principal’s office and his bag was searched.

Booton believes the teen intended to use the gun either during or after school.

“He had had some words with another student who was a former friend of his in the prior days to this; and — this is just my opinion — but I believe that the weapon was probably intended for that student,” Booton said.

“Earlier in the week he had had an incident with the kid after school where there was a physical altercation; and it was the second physical altercation of the week,” Booton explained, “and he’d been trying to go, this young man into a fight all week.”

The boy’s mother had recently went to the police about her son.

“She’s extremely upset,” said Booton. “She came to us for help earlier in the month, telling us that his behavior was declining. I actually did a petition for this man earlier this month for incorrigibility.”

The had not yet gone to court, however, Booton said.

The teen is being held on $50,000 bond at a juvenile youth home. His name was not released.


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