By Dan Leach

By Dan Leach


First Round

#8 HAWKS V #1 PACERS — Indy in 5.
Atlanta is just lucky to be playing some extra basketball. The Pacers will use the late season swoon as extra motivation to clip the Hawks wings from the start.

#7 BOBCATS V #2 HEAT — Heat in 5.
|Absolutely love Al Jefferson , but even with Miami’s recent struggles they are simply too much with or without a healthy Wade for the young, Bobbers.

#6 NETS V #3 RAPTORS — Raptors in 6.
Don’t sleep on these Raptors. The Nets come in hot, but Toronto can simply take over a game and I think as long as DeRozan, Lowery, and Ross don’t let their first trip to the dance overwhelm them, Dwayne Casey’s squad could make a serious run.

#5 WIZARDS V #4 BULLS — Bulls in 7.
This should be a fascinating serious as both teams have each other Kryptonite. The Bulls D might be the best in the NBA against the high-octane Wizards offense and ball movement. Seeing how Chicago contains the Wiz sensational backcourt of Bradley Beal and John “Another Brick In The” Wall. In the end Joakim Noah will be the difference with his play on both ends of the court.

Second Round

Indy over Chicago in 6

Toronto over Miami in 7 (Mark it down!!! DTM Prediction Machine special!)

Conference Finals

Pacers over Toronto in 6


First Round

#8 MAVS V #1 SPURS — Spurs in 5.
I really like this Mavs team and its hard to look at them as a true 8 seed, but San Antonio simply just has too much from all angles for Dallas to be able to traverse their way into this series.

#7 GRIZZLIES V #2 THUNDER — Thunder in 5.
Memphis is a gritty and fascinating team and I think they will be in every game till the end. OKC just has all the makings of a champion and Durant and Westbrook will take over the games at their most crucial moments.

#6 WARRIORS V #3 CLIPPERS — Warriors in 7.
This could be one of the most fun series to watch in the past decade with games in the 120’s every time out. Both teams have the inside-outside game to win, but no Bogut for the Warriors really hurts them. Having Steph Curry though is enough to overcome it and the Warriors gritty performance till the bitter end in their loss against the Spurs last year gave them the experience they will need to overcome the Clipjoint this year.

#5 BLAZERS V #4 ROCKET SHIPS — Rockets in 6.
If Houston gets it together they are good enough to make a run to the Finals. Portland is a match-up nightmare for any NBA team, but Harden, Parsons, and Howard will just be too much for the Blazers to handle.

Second Round

Spurs over Rockets in 7

Thunder over Warriors in 6

— Conference Finals

Thunder over Spurs in 6


THUNVER V PACERS — Thunder in 7.
This will be one of those series that you remember for a long time. George V Durant, Hibbert V Ibaka, the Pacers D vs. the Thunder’s offensive explosion. It will be a lot of fun and will go the distance , ending in an epic game 7 for the ages where Durant and George combine for over 80 points. The Thunder have been one of the best teams in the league over the past three years and it is their team to finally reach the pantheon of greatness.


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