DETROIT (CBS Detroit) It’s Easter Day, which means more than likely at some point before nightfall, you’ll do one of two things.

You’ll eat a deviled egg or you’ll make one.

They seem so simple: hard boiled eggs, mayo, maybe paprika for a fancy flourish. But they can go oh so wrong.

Here are some tips for perfect deviled eggs every time.

Don’t overcook!

No one likes hard, rubbery eggs. Make yours smooth as butter by avoiding overcooking. How long should you cook them? Experts recommend starting with cold water, getting the water to a boil, covering them and turning off the heat for 14 minutes.

Use the perfect ratio

Runny, messy eggs are gross — and they won’t do your Easter outfit any favors. Make sure yours are the perfect consistency by adding mayo just a bit at a time so you don’t overcome the yolks. Err on the side of making them too stiff.

Taste, taste, taste!

Salt and pepper just a little, taste, add more. Toss in a dollop of mustard or splash of vinegar for contrast. Those are the only flavors you need. Don’t stop tasting and adding until they’re perfect.

Make them pretty

Don’t just smush with a fork so they’re lumpy disasters. Blend with a hand mixer — and then go a step further. Put your delicious mixture into a plastic bag and cut a hole in the end. Squeeze the mixture into your hard boiled egg cradle in a nice orderly circle. Sprinkle with paprika. You can go above and beyond, ala Martha Stewart, by buying a pastry bag with a fancy tip and piping the eggs into the whites.

Get crazy

Want to make your eggs memorable? Add a little something extra. Put a crisp bacon piece on top of each; think about adding a tad of smoked salmon; think about a quarter-teaspoon of pickle relish on the top or maybe a sprinkling of dill. Really looking to stand out? Get out the hot sauce — and start sprinkling.



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