FERNDALE (WWJ) – Police in Ferndale are looking for a final suspect in the brutal attack on a student at an adult education center.

Lt. William Wilson says two brothers, Tyler and Tre Barber from Detroit, were arrested after rushing into the class at Taft Digital Learning Center last Tuesday afternoon and beating a 16-year-old fellow student unconscious and stealing his cellphone.

With the Barbers, allegedly, was a third suspect— 18-year-old Jashiem Ross.

“The three then began to beat the 16-year-old by punching him. They knocked him to the ground; they kicked him repeatedly; kicked him to the point that he was unconscious,” said Williams. “Then one of the suspects to a cell phone out of the young man’s pocket, and the three fled the school.”

Wilson says the Barbers claim the victim stole the phone from them first.

“Even if that’s true, though, that doesn’t justify their actions,” said Wilson said. “They never made a report that it was stolen. They didn’t go through school officials asking can they get their phone back; they didn’t go to the police. They just charged into the classroom and beat this kid up. ”

Tyler and Tre Barber have already been arraigned on assault charges.

Ross, who was still at large Monday afternoon, is described as tall and thin; clean-shaven, with short hair. He is known to wear bright-colored clothing and lives in the area of 6 Mile Road and Prairie in Detroit.

The teen who was attacked was treated at a local hospital overnight and is expected to be OK.

Anyone with information about Ross’ whereabouts is asked to call Ferndale police.


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