Red Sox Fan Denied Kiss During ‘Sweet Caroline’ [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

Most people I know can’t stand Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” I know The Ticket’s very own Jeff Riger can’t stand it — but I for one don’t mind the song at all. It makes me smile — and it’s a feel good tune. What’s not to like? Just because Boston adopted the song, we can’t enjoy it here in Detroit?

There is one Red Sox fan, though, who most likely isn’t too big of a fan of ‘Sweet Caroline’ after this past weekend.

As the song was blasted through Fenway Park, one gentleman decided it was his time to try to get fresh with the lady he was with.

This poor guy had no idea he was going to get dissed, let alone get dissed on TV, let alone get dissed on TV — to only be recorded on numerous Vine accounts, so we could all re-live the moment!

When have you ever been embarrassed like this?


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