DETROIT (WWJ) – It was a spirited conversation Monday night on the Bill O’Reilly Show – when the host took on the topic of Muslim extremists in America with Osama Siblani, the publisher of the Arab American News. O’Reilly insisted that the Detroit area had militant Mosques, which Siblani refuted.

How did O’Reilly respond to that?

“He said that I’m in denial, and he said that you know I’m journalist … well, I am a journalist and I know, but I don’t know that there are jihadist mosques in here, if he does he should call the FBI,” said Siblani.

O’Reilly continually peppered Siblani with questions about militant Muslims in Detroit.

“What I said also to Mr. O’Reilly and he refused to acknowledge or understand in the constitution of the United State of America protects the rights of all individuals and there is no exception there for Muslims,” he said. “And we should protect our constitution and respect it.”

“I know what kind of a show he has, but I wanted to make a point,” Siblani said.

He told O’Reilly that Muslims are the teachers, lawyers, doctors, and soldiers of America. But he said O’Reilly wanted to throw out a blanket statement – “you know – he invites you to be on his show, but it ends up that he talks over you, and he tries to cut you off,” said Siblani.

Siblani challenged O’Reilly on-the-air to name the Mosques that he considered to be militant. O’Reilly did not answer.


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