By: Evan Jankens

Most high school teams don’t get fancy rings for winning soccer championships. The most you get out of the championship is pride and the ability to celebrate on the field after the game.

But anytime you can get your fans to join in the celebration all the merrier! Unless you live in Georgetown, Texas.

According to KVUE:

Police say video footage showed Officer George Bermudez tripping one person, attempting to trip another, physically restraining another person and shoving a fourth person as people leaped from the stands after Vandegrift High School won the state championship Saturday.

“We get in the dog pile and it’s just crazy you know,” said Gray Goolsby, a Vandegrift student who joined in the celebration.
But before long Goolsby felt a tug on his back.

“I felt this hand grab my shoulder and just pull me out of the dog pile and says, ‘Get back to the stands,'” said Goolsby.
Goolsby says he holds no ill will against the officer who he believes was just trying to do his job.

“I hope he doesn’t lose his job over this because we were just trying to have fun, and he’s just trying to do his job, and hopefully everything works out,” said Goolsby.

Running out onto the field to celebrate with your classmates isn’t a crime and nor should it be. Should this police officer be suspended?


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