DETROIT (WWJ) – You’ve heard of Central Park — how about Central Bark?

Service animals who travel in and out of Metro Airport will have an indoor area to “do their duty” thanks to a new Service Animal Relief Area affectionately dubbed ‘central bark.’

WWJ’s Marie Osborne has the scoop from Metro Airport.

This is one of just a few airport indoor rest areas for dogs in the nation.

Deb Davis with Paws for a Cause, an organization which trains dogs to become service animals, says these dogs have to learn how to ‘hold it’ on these long trips because access to outdoor areas can be too difficult to get to.

The new Service Animal Relief Area. (credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ)

The new Service Animal Relief Area. (credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ)

“I know to book at least fifty-six minutes on a layover in order to take my service dog outside,” she said. “Now I’ll be able to come through Detroit Metro Airport much more frequently because I know I can run down to Gate A-34 and I won’t have to run outside.”

Dogs can choose between real or simulated grassy areas, which include waste disposal bags and a sprinkler system to keep the entire area fresh and clean.

” … we have the rinse cycle, it sounds kind of weird but if you can imagine rain is our natural rinse cycle outside so if it doesn’t rain for a while a yard can get pretty gamy,” noted Davis, “but to have the rinse cycle in here and to be give us handlers that opportunity to help Detroit Metropolitan Airport to also keep this a safe and let’s just say environmentally smelling benefit – is a real benefit.”


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