By: Jeff Riger

It was a hot topic on Detroit radio:¬†Should Wings defenseman Nik Kronwall play in tonight’s game 4 while his girlfriend is in labor with their first child?

As you might imagine, the debate got pretty heated as some felt the father being there for the birth is much more important than playing in a game — while others believe the exact opposite. Wings head coach Mike Babcock was asked on Wednesday if Kronwall would play and delivered one of the more humorous responses I have heard in quite some time.

“Why wouldn’t you? Babcock said. “They’re not giving birth.”

I literally laugh out loud every time I listen to it back…

Of course not everybody in Babcock’s life was apparently OK with the comment. The coach’s wife sent him an email telling him that under no circumstance should he talk about childbirth without consulting her first.

“I got an email from my wife, said I’m not allowed to say the things I said yesterday about giving birth so I apologize in advance,” Babcock said. “I didn’t know guys were that sensitive.”

In case you were wondering, Kronwall has decided to play in tonight’s game. And my wife — just like Babcock’s — didn’t find the comments as funny as we apparently did.

What do you think? Did Babcock’s comment make you laugh or cringe and should Kronwall be playing in tonight’s game?


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