DETROIT (WWJ) – Paul Walker may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten. The “Fast and Furious” film franchise ensures that.

Walker starred as undercover cop Brian O’Conner in the 2001 hit film ‘The Fast and The Furious’. He reprised his role in ‘Fast Six’ and was in the process of filming ‘Fast & Furious 7’ when he was killed in a tragic car accident in late November 2013. His role in the “Furious” films helped cement his position as one of Hollywood’s leading men. In one of Walker’s last feature film roles, he stars as undercover cop Damien Collier in ‘Brick Mansions’.

Starring alongside Walker are David Belle, co-founder of the “Parkour” technique, a form of ‘street art’ that includes a demanding combination of jumping, climbing and running; and RZA, the leader and a co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan, who portrays Tremaine Alexander, a ruthless drug kingpin.

With a combination of chase scenes and “Parkour,” fans of the ‘Furious’ films are sure to find a lot to like about ‘Brick Mansions’. The movie opens with a non-stop action scene featuring the “Parkour” technique – which is as much a star of the film as any of the actors – and it doesn’t stop. “Parkour” grabs your attention and never lets go. RZA is especially convincing as the drug lord, who rules his “kingdom” with an iron fist. And although she doesn’t get star billing, Ayisha Issa is absolutely fantastic as Alexander’s evil sidekick Rayzah.

‘Brick Mansions’ is set in “a dystopian Detroit” where abandoned homes are walled inside of housing projects known as “brick mansions”. The purpose of the “brick mansions” is to protect the rest of the city from the hardened criminals who live there. Quite a concept, right? Well, fortunately, it’s just in the movies because, otherwise, anybody who could would get as far away from Detroit as they could – as fast as they could.

While ‘Brick Mansions’ isn’t without a flaw or two, it deserves a pass. It’s action-packed, entertaining to watch and is a fitting way to remember Paul Walker.

‘Brick Mansions’ is rated PG-13.

See you at the movies!

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  1. You don’t have to put Parkour in quotes. It’s a real sport.

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