By: Evan Jankens

A debate has taken place inside 97.1 The Ticket. It was discovered that Jamie Samuelsen, of the Jamie and Wojo show, might be wearing woman’s clothing. Samuelsen is wearing a Nike green workout pullover. He’s calling it a “sweatshirt,” but we believe the shirt may have come from his wife’s closet. If he didn’t actually grab it from her side of closet there’s another option: He grabbed it from the woman’s section of the store where it was purchased.

We’re wondering: Do they make Jamie’s shirt for men?

Why do we suspect this? There are thumb holes in the sleeves — let’s just say, it’s not the manliest of accessories. Is this unisex athletic gear or just a very girlie man’s shirt? The vote is now in your hands. Please vote below, and don’t worry about Jamie’s feelings.


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