By: Evan Jankens

On Tuesday night, highly sought after free agent Robinson Cano — who signed with the Mariners for 10-years and $240 million — will make his return to face his old team in Yankee stadium.

When a player leaves a team for free agency, it usually means the fans will not cheer that player. Those fans aren’t exactly the most polite people.

Robinson Cano, I learned from this, is actually a really cool dude. He teamed up with Jimmy Fallon for one of the more brilliant ideas I have ever seen.

Fallon put a reporter on the street next to a box that featured a blown up picture of Cano’s face. People were asked how they would boo Cano with his return to the Bronx and to show how they would boo to the box.

Fans would boo Cano, turn around, and then be asked to boo one more time. When they turned back around, boom, there stand Cano. Everyone instantly looked shocked — It couldn’t be the guy they were booing was standing right in front of their faces! (But it was.)

And Cano seemed to take it all in stride. Talk about a great sport. How many professional athletes would actually partake in something like this?

How would you react?


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