TAYLOR (WWJ) – A Taylor man was ordered held on a $1.5 million bond as he was arraigned in the brutal beating of his six-month-old son.

It was a heartbreaking arraignment, with the baby’s mother sobbing throughout the proceedings reports WWJ’s Sandra McNeill.

Judge Geno Salomone set the high bond, based on Nicholas Spirdione’s previous domestic violence conviction and a report that was submitted by police investigators.

“The defendant Nicholas Spirdione shows no remorse and admits to feeling nothing about the victim,” read the  judge from the statement. “They are alleging the seriousness of the offense and that the victim is a six-month-old child.”

Spirdione is charged with torture, assault, child abuse and domestic violence in connection with the attack that left baby Jesse in critical condition.

Spernioni said he needs counseling …”Your honor … I am completely destroyed inside and I need help, I did not mean to harm my son” he said begging the baby’s mother for forgiveness.

Saying he feels so bad, and “this is not who I am,” the 23-year-old Spirdione was arraigned on four felony charges by video in 23rd District Court.

Police say paramedics responded around 4:55 p.m. Saturday to Spirdione’s home in the 6600 block of Pine, near Telegraph Road just south of I-94, after receiving a report that an infant was breathing with difficulty and having trouble staying conscious.

Spirdione, an EMT by profession, was arrested that night after being questioned by police.

“He admitted to punching Jesse several times. They think that, from the damage that was done, that he had to have hit him with something or dropped him,” Corie Stahl, the boy’s mother, told WJBK.


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