Monday 5/5

A single mom who gave up online dating nearly 10 years ago looks to Steve for help finding Mr. Right! Steve brings in dating expert Bella Ghandi to take her step-by-step through Tinder, the hottest dating app out there! Then daytime soap queen Susan Lucci stops by to share her own memories of motherhood and what it’s like to be a famous grandmother! Plus, get a sneak peek at her devious new prime-time TV role! And fashion designer Heather Thomson from “The Real Housewives of New York” reveals the latest looks for the gym that easily transition into everyday style! And Steve shares the comical truth revealed by those letters your kids send home from camp!

Tuesday 5/6

Steve continues his week-long celebration of moms with an entire episode devoted to mothers! He reveals the top four viewer-nominated women up for “Steve Harvey” mother of the year – hear their incredible stories and find out who takes the crown – she’s in for a huge surprise! Then Steve reveals the newest mom-friendly gadgets that make life on the go with your kids so much easier! And adopted twins ask for Steve’s help finding their biological family, so he surprises them with a heartfelt reunion! Plus, Steve proves that sometimes moms tweet the funniest things when they’re venting about parenthood!

Wednesday 5/7

Steve helps a wife whose husband doesn’t appreciate or support her! Can this military man handle running their home with four kids when she goes on strike? Then, Steve’s got the hottest Mother’s Day gift ideas, from customized jewelry to the latest tech gadgets, and he’s sharing them with everyone! And two women who survived death-defying medical crises tell Steve about literally seeing the light and how their kids brought them back to life! Plus, Steve shares a viral video that shows some kids have a strong opinion on getting a new baby brother or sister!

Thursday 5/8

Steve knows parenting can be exhausting, so he’s helping moms bring their sexy back after having kids! Reality star and mom La La Anthony shares tips for reigniting that romantic spark! Then it’s time to “sexercise” with trainer Jason Rosell, who reveals the hottest new fitness trend that gets results in the bedroom! And a single mother who lost her teeth and her self-confidence turns to Steve for help getting back into the dating scene. Style guru Lawrence Zarian gets her smiling again with a makeover you have to see to believe! Plus, how every woman can update their look with sexy style! And Steve’s got a delicious recipe for edible body butter!

Friday 5/9

Two women struck by unthinkable tragedy share their stories and Steve honors their strength and resilience by naming them “Super Moms!” Steve sets them up with some well-deserved pampering, including the royal makeover treatment with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from “Real Housewives of New York!” Then Steve has a treat for the ladies when 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons performs a “revealing” sneak peek of his new Vegas show, “Men of the Strip.” And a woman says her husband is so set in his ways that he’s acting 30 years older than he is! Steve has a plan to get him loosened up and feeling young again! Plus, kid reporter Henry Stephens on how people across the country honor their moms!

Watch STEVE HARVEY weekdays at 3 p.m. on CBS 62!


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