By: Jeff Riger

You have to look really hard to find something about the Detroit Tigers and their start that doesn’t make you happy. Their starting pitching is the best in the game and the bullpen has hardly been even needed as the team is hitting the cover off the ball. They steal, they hit for power and they beat the teams that they should. Even Robbie Ray looked good in his first start…you know the guy that was the key component in the Doug Fister trade.

There is very little not to like.

So how does the skipper feel? Does he allow himself any satisfaction at all with the start his team is off to?

“I really don’t care about yesterday, I don’t think about tomorrow” Ausmus said.

I then followed up…

“But what about where you’re at and what you have achieved so far” I asked. There has to be a certain amount of satisfaction to be a first year manager and have his team playing at a pretty high level?

“We haven’t achieved anything” Ausmus said. “What have we played? 28 games? We haven’t really achieved anything. We played not even a sixth of the season so I wouldn’t say we have achieved anything. Now if I had the choice of ten games over or ten games under, clearly I would take 10 games over but there is no back patting going on.”

I have already said in a previous blog that this team is way better than I had originally thought. Fans seem to agree as well. Ausmus doesn’t seem shocked at all. He also is reluctant to define his team.

Despite recently having a very easy schedule the Tigers have really impressed me. And even if Ausmus won’t get even a little excited, that doesn’t mean Tigers fans shouldn’t. It’s early, really early, but this team seems to have the makings of something special.

You buying that? Or am I going way overboard?


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