By Carissa Hutchinson

Spoiler Alert! This post recaps portions of season 7, episode 23 ” The Gorilla Dissolution.”

On this episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Howard and Bernadette find out what it’s like to have a baby when Howard’s mother breaks her leg from the treadmill he got her. Bernadette was eager to help out his mother and refused to have a nurse take care of her, a request by Howard, but after a few shorts days of having to put up with Mrs. Wolowitz she broke down and opted out to a nurse. If it were me I think I would have done the same thing.

Raj and Sheldon went out to see a movie together and while they were at the movies the two of them ran into Emily with a different man. This played out to be a very awkward situation and after the run in Raj and Sheldon left the movies. When they arrive back at Sheldon’s apartment they talk about the awkward encounter and through Sheldon’s insincere remarks Raj finally discovers his problem with women. He’s so afraid to be alone that it’s causing him to be alone. By the end of the night Emily visits Raj at home and explains that the man she was with was her tattoo artist and wouldn’t leave her alone until she went out with him. After everything was cleared up they started to get a little friendly. Looks like Raj may have finally found the one!

Penny was fired from “Serial Apeist” after wanting to redo a scene and arguing with the director.  Wil Wheaton tried to defend Penny but in doing so got himself fired as well. Sad and disappointed Penny, Will and Leonard go out to the bar to get some drinks. Leonard tries to lift Penny’s spirits but is soon cut short when Wil received a call to do an audition. When Leonard and Penny arrive back at Penny’s apartment she starts saying she needs to make smarter choices and brings up marriage. Informally Penny asks Leonard to marry her and he accepts. After this very anticlimactic proposal Leonard pulls out a ring from his wallet and formally proposals to Penny. I’m so glad this finally happened and I can’t wait to see what the wedding will be like!

Carissa Hutchinson is a senior at Ferris State University studying television and digital media production. She’s currently on two internships with CBS 62/CW50 Detroit and M-1 Studios in Ferndale. While attending college she was a very active member of Delta Zeta and the Media Communications Association. Take a look at Carissa’s work at


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