By: Evan Jankens

Personally, I think the MMA rage that hit our TVs a few years ago has really started to fade. The days of Brock Lesnar are gone.

Yes, Jon Jones is still doing his thing in the UFC but is it still worth spending $50 for a PPV? No, not really at all, they even show some of their PPVs free now on Fox.

If you were to tell me the referee could be part of the fights, almost WWE style, I could get back into MMA.

In the video posted below, that is exactly what happened. The referee won the fight in my opinion. If you skip to the 6:30 mark of the video you will see one fighter, Nathias Frederick, is the obvious winner as he is pounding on Ahmad Aswad’s face. As the referee is trying to break up the fight, the winner of the fight, Frederick, won’t stop throwing punches.

As you can see, the ref didn’t like that poor sportsmanship so he decided to take the fighter and choke him out. I applaud this ref.

Could you believe the ref did such a thing?


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