By: Evan Jankens

Being a big-time college athlete is tough business now a days — and I do mean business. These players work their butts off, and in exchange they get free meals, schooling and tutoring. It’s all very important stuff if you are a so-called student athlete.

However, it’s not a job that pays. In fact, it’s illegal to accept payment.

That’s why when Alabama RB Derrick Henry posted a photo of his new car on his Twitter account — he was instantly accused of taking improper benefits from the school.

The car in the picture is a Dodge Challenger, and it is a very nice car. It’s not the most expensive car in the world — retailing for $26,495 to $44,685 — so it wouldn’t be crazy that a younger kid has a nice car. Let’s face it, Justin Verlander probably wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the photo that Henry posted. Below are a few examples.

Do you think Henry did anything wrong?


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