By Matt Roush

Attendees at the upcoming BlueWater Technologies’ TechExpo, May 21st at The Fillmore Detroit, will do more than learn about the latest business technologies.

They’ll be wearing them.

Name badges at the event will contain a micro-antenna using technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) that will track attendees’ visits to the over 30 vendor booths and several points of interaction. With enough visits, participants can receive fun takeaways at BlueWater’s automated prize vending station, according to Joshua Keys, VP/Director of Interactive Engagement at BlueWater Technologies.

“We are demonstrating the marriage of technology and human engagement throughout the event,” Keys said. “TechExpo attendees will be immersed in the latest equipment and industry trends, but we also want to give them an opportunity to experience creative technology solutions and imagine the possibilities for their campaigns and events.”

What’s the goal of TechExpo?

“We’re excited for participants to experience an event that highlights technology as a great enabler for high-impact consumer engagement and to do so in a meaningful, yet transparent and unobtrusive way,” Keys said.

By using the event hashtag (#TechExpo14), attendees are encouraged to spread the word about their experiences at the event on Twitter and Instagram. BlueWater Technologies will be using their own platform, Social Wall, to moderate and display the aggregated content on a variety of screens throughout the event, in real time, at TechExpo.

The event also offers BlueWater the chance to brand their own technological prowess – after all, a lot of their most spectacularly cool technologies have somebody else’s name on them.

“A lot of the work we do is for OEMs and agencies, so a lot of people have seen our work, but they may not know it,” Keys said. “This is an amazing opportunity for the community to experience the creative technology we produce.”

For more information and to register for the TechExpo, visit



Matt Roush is director of communications and public relations at the Engineering Society of Detroit,


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