By: Evan Jankens

The words “Texas A&M” and “hypocrisy” go hand in hand. A story in says the Aggies want to hopefully one day rename Kyle Field, “Kyle Field: The House that Johnny Built.” Wait a second! They want to name a stadium after a player who didn’t make a penny?

I get it, Johnny will make plenty of money now that he is in the NFL; and Texas A&M helped build the “Johnny Football” brand.

Texas A&M Regent Jim Schwertner is quoted as saying he really believes Johnny Manziel is the reason Texas A&M is where it is today, saying, “I hope the Aggie Nation will come together and decide that’s something they want to do.” 

It’s really interesting to think about whether Manziel will make any money off the naming rights. According to the story:

As for the “House that Johnny Built,” Manziel applied for the trademark to that phrase earlier this year, according to ESPN. In a twist, however, his old Kerrville and College Station running buddy Nathan Fitch – or “Fitch Family Estates” – already owns the trademark, according to ESPN.

If it were not for the player would Texas A&M be where they are today in the college football world? It will always bring you in a complete circle and make you ask should college athletes (not student athletes) be paid?



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