DETROIT (WWJ) The potholes are rough all over metro Detroit, but there’s a big one on northbound I-75 at Springwells that people across the region are talking about.

The pothole straddles the center lanes, with many likening it to a crater. Chuck Hoffman says he’s had to fix a pair of rims because of potholes.

It can make whitecaps in your morning coffee.

“What’s the answer? Getting off their behinds & getting stuff done,” Hoffman said about Lansing politicians.

Armando Lopez can hardly believe how bad the pothole problem in southwest Detroit has become.

“This bridge up here, they’re bad, they’re really bad, I’ve been living over here my whole life and I’ve never seen them that bad,” Lopez told WWJ’s Ron Dewey. “Some of them are 3 foot by 3 foot, I would believe, or even bigger.”

What does it do his car?

“Tear it up — the whole front end, I mean you feel every bump, every bump” he said.

State lawmakers propose $460 million to repair roads and bridges, but many say that’s not enough.

“You come off the freeway at that bridge up there and hit it right — somebody’s going to be killed,” Lopez said. “In the past few months, there’s been more car wrecks up there than I’ve ever seen.”



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