By: Evan Jankens

Ah, the great year of 1966 — My father was 11 years old, the Beatles started recording Sgt. Peppers, the Redskins beat the Giants 72-41 — in the highest scoring game in NFL history — and, of course, MSU won the National Championship.

Also in 1966 Michigan State took on Notre Dame in what is called “The Game Of The Century.”

Sports Illustrated has a Twitter account called the @Si_Vault, which tweets out pretty amazing photos. Heck, the only reason I even look at Sports Illustrated anymore is to see the pictures on the first few pages of the magazine.

And Monday afternoon they tweeted gold! They sent out a photo of Michigan State’s mascot Sparty in 1966. He looks drastically different than he does now. In fact, with that giant head atop a disproportionately puny body, he reminds us of someone …

Is this head bigger than Jamie Samuelsen’s?


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