Has Jeff Riger Officially Lost His Man Card [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty damn cutthroat when it comes to Facebook. If there is something posted I don’t like, I de-friend that person. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

And that brings us to Jeff Riger. I’m firmly convinced our very own Riger has officially lost his man card. You’ll remember he had cheesy engagement photos taken a few years ago and one of the famous photos was him and his wife in a wheel barrow.

Well, Jeff was up to his usual over-the-top, allegedly romantic (insert gagging sound here) antics over the weekend. He posted this photo of himself and his wife riding bikes side by side with their dog running between them on a bright pink leash. What I find odd about this photo is they are wearing matching outfits and the photo appears to be staged. What, a photographer just happened to be a block up the street waiting for them?

Someone in that family thought it was a smart choice to take this photo, and then paste it on Facebook for the world to see, I’m just not sure who it was (the dog, perhaps?)

Property of Jeff Riger

Property of Jeff Riger

Hey Jeff, Khang and myself took a non staged photo too…

Credit: 971theticket.com

Credit: 971theticket.com

I need to know if Jeff has now officially lost his man card … vote below.


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