Jimmy Howard, the goalie for the Red Wings, surprises Detroit, Michigan 20-year-old Kelly Rothe the night before an operation to have a preventative cancer surgery. –

Kelly Rothe, a junior at Eastern Michigan University, tested positive for the BRCA-1 gene mutation when she was 18. It was the same genetic mutation that claimed the lives of Rothe’s mother and aunt from breast cancer, prompting her to have the double prophylactic mastectomy at Beaumont Hospital, becoming the youngest patient in Michigan to do so. The 20 year old chose to make her decision public in order to help educate others. “Everyone doesn’t agree with my choices, and that is ok. I am doing what is right for me.”

Kelly’s journey is detailed in the upcoming film PINK AND BLUE as seen on Yahoo News, Hallmark Channel’s HOME AND FAMILY, Laughing Squid, CBS SPORTS and the NYBERG SHOW.

Award winning producer and filmmaker, Alan Blassberg launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to create Pink and Blue, a documentary about breast cancer and the BRCA gene mutation in both men and women

This is very important issue, particularly since the topic of breast cancer hits very close to home. Blassberg himself a BRCA carrier lost his grandmother, aunt and sister to hereditary cancer. His other sister tested positive for the BRCA mutation and decided to have preventative surgeries as well. “I have a personal connection to all the people this mutation has affected. “The press can help raise awareness by clearly defining BRCA instead of sensationalizing it.” Knowledge is power and this film promises to be very powerful.

On Thursday, the Detroit Red Wings organization helped make a dream come true for Kelly Rothe and her family.  The Rothe’s were treated to a private dinner at the exclusive Olympia Club, followed by two members from the band, Kaleido performing one of Kelly’s favorites. The night was far from over as Kelly received what she calls,” the best moment of her life.” an uplifting surprise visit from her favorite Detroit Red Wings player and team USA member, goalie Jimmy Howard. He talked to Rothe and invited her back to the Red Wings arena next season as his guest for the team’s cancer awareness game.

“Oh my God, Jimmy Howard just gave me flowers!” Rothe said excitedly on a video when she met Howard. (You tube Link- Over 140,000 views in the past five days)


The official PINK AND BLUE t-shirts and bracelets are for sale on the website. These purchases directly help the film through completion.


Email: info@pinkandbluemovie.com


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