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Blast From The Past: Jamie Samuelsen Bobblehead [PHOTO]

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By: Evan Jankens

Running the 97.1 Twitter account I get to see some interesting things — and today just happens to be one of those days.

One very nice fan of the show tweeted us a photo of a Jamie Samuelsen bobblehead from his earlier days. This bobblehead is unique in so many ways.

Most importantly, if you notice this is the only bobblehead in the history of bobbleheads to have a proportional head. This is actually the same ratio of head to body that Jamie has in real life.

Also if you notice Jamie is wearing the same green shirt that I have picked on him about before. It’s just missing the ladylike thumb covers — this one must be made for men.

Jamie, always one to take a joke, did give a funny response.

Oh Jamie, you make my job so easy sometimes. Thanks!

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