By: Evan Jankens

How bad is it for Prince Fielder? He’s now the laughing stock of even fake Internet sites. According to spoof writers at The Onion, Fielder who underwent neck surgery recently (real story) has been complaining about too much hospital food (fake story).

According to the Onion:

“I’m not sure how they expect you to feel better when they’re feeding you tray after tray of this reheated garbage,” said the 30-year-old first baseman, bemoaning the heaping mounds of tepid, gravy-drenched salisbury steak; piles of bland baked potatoes; and hundreds of sugarless Jell-O cups that were carted into his room every few minutes when he rang his bedside buzzer.

Prince has kids at home he needs to take care of and the Onion thinks this is all a joke! Insert (mock) outrage here!


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