DETROIT (WWJ) Two of three metro Detroit drug kingpins on the run have been nabbed.

Federal agents conducted an intensive nationwide search for Carlos Powell, 39, his brother Eric Powell, 36, and Earnest Proge, 38. Thanks to tips from the public, the Powell brothers are off the streets. Proge is still on the run.

In May, the men were found guilty of drug related charges, but they failed to show up in court — and then search began.

“Investigators from the U.S. Marshals in the Eastern District of Missouri were able to arrest Carlos Powell, and investigators in northern district of Georgia, for the U.S. Marshals, were able to arrest Eric Powell,” Deputy U.S. Marshall Rob Watson told WWJ.

The Powell brothers were found out of state in separate locations. Both men had large amounts of cash and one had a firearm, police said.

“We asked for the media’s help, as well as the help of all the viewers, any information that they had, we asked them to contact us with everything, so  a combination of media tips as well as good, old-fashioned police work brought the investigation to a head,” Watson said.

Both men are facing life in prison.


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