By: Evan Jankens

Throwing a Hail Mary to yourself is now a thing for football players on social media.

The first one that took the internet by storm was by high school recruit Gary Haynes, who went to Vine to post his Hail Mary.

Heisman Trophy winner and crab legs lover Jameis Winston is the most recent player to pull the Hail Mary stunt.

I was sold that the original by Gary Haynes was real, but Jameis Winston’s attempt…I’m not too sure. It appears he just throws the ball in the air to himself and then someone off camera throws him the ball.

Did it once for the fans twice for the haters LMAO #BallisLife

A post shared by Jameis Winston (@jaboowins3) on

What do you think? Is it real? Or is it real fake?

Michigan’s own Shane Morris has also attempted the Hail Mary trick and I believe this one, because it looks as if the ball only travels 20-yards.


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