By: Evan Jankens

You can never beat a good prank — and I believe I have just found one of the better pranks I have ever seen.

The premise of the video is a smoking hot blonde and her partner in crime are walking down the streets of Las Vegas when the guy will come up and slap the blonde on the butt while others are walking and quickly walk away so it appears to the girl the others are the ones who slapped her on the butt.

The girl in the video does such a great job with the skit. Instantly, every guy won’t take credit for slapping her on the bum but instead tried to point out the guy who did the slapping. She asks most of them — when they say it wasn’t them — “What, you don’t want to slap my butt?”

The best response was the one guy who was like “maybe I can get your number and we can try it out later.” Smooth move, my man, smooth move.

Where do you rank this prank with others you have seen?


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