Husband And Wife Team Have A Passion For Scrappin’

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Jan McCoury. (WWJ/Charlie Langton)

Jan McCoury. (WWJ/Charlie Langton)

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ROCHERSTER HILLS (WWJ) – They’re scrappers. Trash pickers essentially.

But this husband and wife team from Rochester Hills have discovered a whole new live together, thanks to garbage, reports WWJ’s Charlie Langton.

The industrious duo, Jan and Steve McCoury, make the search for trashy treasure their personal ‘us’ time.

“It’s Steve and I’s alone time, you know, we get away from the kids, we have fun, we talk about what goes on during the day. We have a riot,” said Jan.

She tells WWJ that they enjoy “going around and looking at all the different houses and the landscape. We’re meeting a lot of people doing this. It’s kind of our fun time together.”

Sunday through Thursday the couple will spend hours driving around Oakland County in search of the tossed out treasures.

“We found a one hundred year old German clock, we’ve found car doors and parts for our son’s car – we’ve found a whole bunch of cool stuff.”

The couple find the regular scrapper outings give them extra cash for expenses and allows them to be generous to their post high school children – giving them gas money and generally helping them out.
Besides, “it’s fun,” laughed Jan.

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