By: Evan Jankens

I’m sure that every young man’s dream is to be a ball boy for their favorite professional baseball team. I know growing up — and even now — I want to be a ball boy for the Tigers. I think at 30 my time has passed, but a man can dream, right?

The only time I would not want to be a ball boy is when a situation like this occurs. Over the weekend the Kansas City Royals took on the New York Yankees and the Royals ball boy had one of the biggest blunders he could have.

He fielded a ball that was in play. Oops! The best part about it is he had no clue the ball was even ruled fair, he fielded the ball and handed it to a little kid in the first row.

The ball boy did manage to make up for it. The next ball that was hit his way, which was foul, he didn’t even attempt to field it. Too bad that the announcers then had to rag on him, saying he’s not even doing his job now.


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