DETROIT (WWJ) — So what’s the owner of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings doing on Father’s Day on Sunday?

Denise Ilitch told CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters'” host Carol Cain that her dad Mike Ilitch is “doing great” and looking forward to the Tigers game.

“Well dad gets to do what he wants and guess what dad wants to do on Father’s Day?” Ilitch said. “He wants to go the ball game. So happy Father’s Day, dad. We’re going to be at the ball game with the whole family — it’s going to be nice.”

Mike Ilitch’s son, Chris, discussed before opening day what many fans were wondering as the team’s owner makes fewer and fewer appearances — how’s Mike Ilitch’s health?

“He’s very excited about the start of the season, he’s actually going to at the ball game today (opening day) and taking it all in,” Chris Ilitch said. “I think one of the greatest things about our Tigers owner is that he’s exceptionally passionate about the Tigers. He is like every other fan coming to the ballgame, he’s excited, he’s probably got some butterflies , but he’s doing great.”


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