By: Evan Jankens

When your team wins the Stanley Cup, it’s a given that you get to celebrate on the ice afterward.

And hopefully, you don’t get too swept away to keep your composure.

That’s not what happened here.¬†One lucky lady was able to celebrate on the ice after the Kings won the Stanley Cup — and unfortunately she wasn’t the most nimble on her feet as she went face first into the ice.

Maybe she just didn’t realize ice is very slippery, especially when you are in heels?

As one new report was going on, the gold happened. A very attractive woman wearing a black top and a short white skirt comes walking by, and looks to be laughing, before boom! Her legs come right out from underneath her. At least one guy came to her rescue. I’m curious why she was even on the ice? Maybe she’s an employees girlfriend/wife? Who knows, but I can’t stop watching this video.


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