By: Evan Jankens

Will John Brooks’ game-winning goal against Ghana Monday evening go down as the shot heard around the world? It sure appears that way according to Twitter.

During the game there were 4.9 million tweets, which is pretty intense. For someone like me, who doesn’t really care for soccer, this may make me jump on the bandwagon. Why should I be the only person who isn’t watching? I have tried to learn about the game in my older age — but let’s just say the soccer elite don’t want to teach remedial classes to people who believe real football involves pigskin and laces.

I’m not alone in wanting to jump on the World Cup bandwagon; Variety Magazine recently reported the World Cup will “surpass the Super Bowl and Olympics in total social mentions.” They added the phrase “World Cup” alone generated 19 million social mentions since June 2013 so far in 196 countries, “scoring wider reach than the Super Bowl or Olympics.”

Most recently, a Vine was posted after the game and it shows an animated image of when people were tweeting during the game appears that the world blew up (figuratively, of course)!

I will now buy in and watch the U.S. take on Portugal on Sunday.


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