By: Evan Jankens

Tigers ace Justin Verlander has a contract worth seven years and $180 million. That means he’ll be under contract until 2019.

It’s five more years with big money sitting on the books as the Tigers ace seems to be declining.

I have one simple question: Hypothetically if you could take Verlander’s contract and give it to Max Scherzer, which would make him a free agent after the year, would you do it?

If that’s not an option, what else could the Tigers do with Verlander? Now I know this is “the sky is falling” post, and who knows, Verlander could come out sharp in his next start and shut everyone up.

I guess that’s the reason sports radio like 97.1 The Ticket was invented — people can debate even silly sports points until hell won’t have it anymore.

Having said that, it seems Verlander is trending down while Scherzer goes the other way. So would you make Scherzer the ace of the future?


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