By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – The world has been going crazy this week for the World Cup and some local fans are putting in a lot of time watching the games, too.

Chris Vertovec of Ann Arbor told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill that he’s watched about 18 hours of soccer over the past week.

Vertovec plays in three soccer leagues and said it allows him to appreciate the subtleties of the game more than those who don’t.

“I mean, not to talk smack about people who don’t play, but some of the little things will just wash over your head,” said Vertovec. “Which I totally understand,” he added.

And there’s no doubt who he’s rooting for …

“Pulling for the US for sure, feeling optimistic at this point. Things are looking good for us.”


Jeff Osgood and LeMar Torres of Detroit have been putting in a good deal of time in front of the big screen as well.

“I like that all the countries seem to come together and the sportsmanship that they show out there – they knock one another down out there and they come up and shake hands,” said Osgood.

Torres likes the long play and the lack of commercials: “Nonstop action.”

The next game for the US is on Sunday vs. Portugal at 6 p.m.

Find Complete WORLD CUP information [HERE]


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