By Ashley Dunkak

CBS DETROITThe fallout continued Thursday from a sarcastic comment Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus made in his postgame press conference the day before. Asked how he is at home with all the losing the Tigers have endured recently, Ausmus joked, “I beat my wife.”

Ausmus quickly clarified he was kidding and apologized mere minutes later. He apologized again Thursday morning and talked about the aftermath of the comment in his own life – finding it hard to sleep, having to address the comment with his wife and two daughters.

ESPN’s Keith Law was not moved by the apologies of Ausmus. Law, whose words have a considerable audience given his 400,000-plus Twitter followers, has repeatedly and thoroughly condemned the manager.

Among other statements, Law tweeted that Ausmus’ comment was “nauseating,” saying he does not know how the idea to joke about domestic abuse even occurs to a rational person. He wrote that Ausmus’ remark showed a lack of empathy and that he does not know “what kind of psychopath you have to be to even think about joking about beating your wife.”

Law also agreed that the Tigers or Major League Baseball should punish Ausmus.

Ausmus said he plans to make some kind of contribution to an organization related to preventing domestic abuse or helping victims of it. However, he will not make public the details of that action.


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