The Brazilians sure do like to make sure their audience is comfortable — offering extra wide seats for overweight World Cup fans and lots of wheelchair-accessible seating for the disabled.

But now some soccer fans are being questioned about whether they pretended to need special accommodations in order to score primo seats at one of the most-sought-after events in world history.

In other words, they’re suspected of getting wheeled in with wheelchairs, sitting in the handicapped section — and then jumping up with joy when their team scores.

The Daily Telegraph scored some photos that drew suspicion, where people are standing and cheering next to the wheelchair in which they presumably arrived at the game. “Police believe some fans who bought tickets on the black market may have tried to cover their tracks by using wheelchairs to enter the stadium,” the British news source reported.

What do you think — Would anyone actually do this?

The highest priced seats are $990 each for top matches at Brazil’s soccer stadiums, the cheapest are $440. Some fans are reportedly paying thousands more to buy seats on the black market. 




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